Annular Solar Eclipse of 2010 Jan 15

Pictures taken by T. Kampschulte at Hindustan Beach Retreat, Varkala,
 Kerala, India.

GPS Position: Latitude: N 8° 43' 59", Longitude: E 76° 42' 23"

A simulation (Occult 4) based on Kaguya limb profile data predicted
 a closed ring from 7:42:52 to 7:45:23 UTC (2m 31s).

All images were taken using:
Apochromatic refractor TMB 80/480, Baader Herschel prism, neutral density filter (ND3), 
Baader FFC at 3x (eff. focal length: ~1440 mm), DSLR Canon EOS 350D @ ISO 200.

6:56:29, 1/1500 s

Partial phase
7:41:35, 1 s

Chromosphere and first beads
7:42:07, 1/60 s

Baily's beads
7:42:14, 1/125 s

Baily's beads
7:44:46, 1/350 s

Closed ring
7:45:49, 1/125 s

Baily's beads again
7:46:29, 1 s

7:47:03, 2 s

Chromosphere and inner corona
7:49:05, 3 s

Corona visible (dark
moon against brighter background)
7:52:11, 1/500 s

Partial phase

Lunar limb profile from Baily's beads sequence

Images taken between 7:42:02 and 7:42:51 UTC (1/125 s) have been combined with a fixed offset between subsequent images. The lunar limb profile is revealed with high magnification. It compares very well with the simulated limb profile based on Kaguya data (Occult 4). The bold curved line indicates the sun's limb at 7:42:14.


Video of Baily's beads around 2nd contact

The video has been taken using a SONY HDV Camcorder (HC1E) with Raynox 3x teleconverter (HDP 7700 ES) and a Baader ND 3.8 photo foil at 1/1000 s and F/3,4. The start time is 7:41:28 UTC.

Download video

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(c) 2010 T. Kampschulte